2006-12-11 - 11:07 p.m.

You may remember my ER visit when we were stopped for speeding, and the cop was an absolute jerk. Well, our court date was today, and the way they do things and expect you to understand and know what's going on is stupid. They treated Paul like an idiot, he ended up being found guilty and now instead of the $85 ticket we pay court costs too and have to give them $171 that we really don't have since we just bought a house and are trying to save up for the baby and I have lost faith in humanity.

The cop said that it wasn't an emergency and if it was we should have called an ambulance. He also said Paul said something when he first pulled him over that he totally didn't say ("The car doesn't even go that fast" WTF!?). We got home and I cried because I feel responsible because if I hadn't needed to go to the ER it wouldn't have happened and I cried because we can't afford this and I cried because they were so mean.

I'm done feeling sorry for myself, now I'm just mad. I keep yelling at that sheriff in my head. Telling him he should have been a doctor because he has an amazing talent if he can determine someone's condition without looking at them, because he never once even looked in the car at me, although any normal human being could have heard me screaming in pain, I was sitting right next to DH. Not an emergency, my large pregnant butt! I really don't think he remembered the stop at all. Two or three other people there were there because of tickets and for each of them, the state had "no evidence" because the cop didn't show up, and I'm willing to wager a large amount that all of them deserved their tickets.

I wish Paul would have known he could ask the judge to hear me. He was so overwhelmed and nervous, but I would have come out swinging. We didn't want an ambulance because 1-we couldn't afford it, 2-we would have had to wait even longer for it to arrive in the middle of nowhere, 3-it probably would have taken me to the local hospital where I refuse to go instead of the ER just over the border about 5 minutes from where he stopped us, and 4-I didn't want to need an ambulance because I was in denial that it was anything serious.

That witch of a prosecutor made it sound like we were speeding the entire way, when in reality the sheriff saw us at the ONLY time the entire trip we broke the speed limit. Whether he wants to believe that or not, there ARE honest people in the world. That and the sheriff's statement (LIE) that Paul said the car wouldn't go that fast just burns me up. Why would he even say that? It has no relevance at all except to make Paul look bad.

Oh. I get it.

Nevertheless, Paul is still my hero and I don't know any husband or first-time father who wouldn't break the speed limit a little if he was afraid for his wife and his child. According to him, the whole trial was a waste of time. His mistake was not in anything he said or didn't say, it was in assuming that people of that profession (JUDGE, COP) have any decency at all.

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