5 months old
2007-07-25 - 9:59 a.m.

figured an update is in order.

the pictures may have been down for a while, it's because we let the gold membership run out. i just paid for another year so we have pics again, or will soon.

Kalten's first tooth made its above-gums appearance on July 9th. Grandma M verified it by tapping it with the traditional toothing spoon. Clink clink! Now he's working on the second.

He just got over conjunctivitis, an ear infection, and a cold (all while teething...) but he's (most of the time) been as cheerful and laid-back as ever.

Kalten's first camping trip was the weekend after July 4th and he got to go in the big pool for the first time, which he loved.

hopefully I will get more updates to you along with some pictures.

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