2006-12-06 - 11:26 p.m.

Tomorrow we're signing on our house, and that's pretty exciting. It's only the second time they've changed the date/time on us. Notice it's a day earlier than originally planned. We did a final walk-through yesterday and got the official numbers of what we're supposed to bring to closing today. I took pictures but I'm tired and don't want to upload them right now.

If you want some nice smelling gifts for the wonderful people in your life, you should check my ebay auctions and help us out a little with extra income. I had to get that plug in there.

This morning I got out of bed and fell on the floor because my hip had this instantaneous pain and decided not to support my weight right away. It was so unexpected because I didn't have any pain while still in bed. I went to the chiropractor and she called it round ligament pain and cracked me, and then showed me some exercises to do before I get out of bed that should help. I'm walking and moving like an old woman today, I grunt when I sit down and get up and it takes me a while to get my hip used to carrying me so I walk sort of hunched the first few steps after sitting for a while.

Speaking of sitting for a while, my human aging class is almost over. We got our midterms back tonight and finals are next week (it's only an eight-week class, so it's not that unreasonable). I got a 98% on the midterm, which is really an accomplishment because it was entirely made up of essay questions. I want to take the next session, which is group processes, but I'm sort of due right in the middle of it and with only eight classes, missing one or two really takes a toll.

I took the glucose test on Monday. Really, that stuff's not all that bad. It's kind of like generic orange pop. Why is it that all the people they hire to take your blood are old? I didn't have a problem with this lady because she had a decently steady hand, but when I go to lab and see a room full of RSVP volunteers, I get a little scared.

Bun is quite active a lot, and I think because of the hernia, my belly button switches from being an innie to an outie and back again several times a day. Sometimes Bun pushes it out, which is funny to watch. Sometimes he pushes directly on the hernia, which is not very funny at all and I practically fold in half at the waist for a second. Usually it doesn't last long but there are times I feel like throwing up because it hurts so bad. It's good to know it isn't hurting him at all. As long as he's healthy, I'll put up with anything.

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