Stuff's going pretty well.
2006-12-13 - 8:53 p.m.

I was sort of upset last entry. In happier news, we're moving slowly into our new house. I'm very excited about having a no shoes house for some reason. I love new carpet. Paul and I decorated the upstairs railing with some lighted garland and put up the tree but no lights, and that's the extent of our decorating so far. But all our DVD's and CD's are in the house along with the TV and couch and my craft stuff. Right now it's more of a clubhouse than a real house. But our fridge and stove should be coming soon and when we get them in, we'll start moving the more essential stuff like the bed and food. The first furniture in the house was Bun's changing table and crib.

I guess Paul and I should start registering for stuff at stores. That was so much fun for our wedding. We ended up putting stuff like Spiderman shoelaces and stuff on it. So far from friends, relatives, and garage sales we have received a crib, changing table, car seat(s), swing, bouncy seats, bathtub, exersaucer, Halloween costumes, and some other clothes. I want to get a Moby wrap and a Hotsling but they're awful expensive. I'd like to make them myself, but I'm more inclined to trust the work of the professionals.

I took my final tonight. It was kind of sad because I really enjoy classes and I know I can't take the next class because Bun's due in the middle of it. It's not like I can just go take it next session because it doesn't work like that. They only offer one psychology course per session, and it'll be a while before this one rolls around again.

My ribs are killing me. When I stand up, I can't breathe. When I sit down, my ribs hurt. When I lay down, my back hurts. When I'm at water aerobics, I'm truly comfortable. Bun floats! Can't wait til tomorrow night...

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