We're home!
2006-11-25 - 6:37 p.m.

Hey everyone, we are home from Colorado. We had a great trip and made a lot of wonderful memories. On the way there we came *thiiis* close to hitting a doe: a deer! A female deer! She came up from the median and was kind of walking more than running, and she was breathing hard so we think she might have already been hit. Paul was able to swerve and avoid her, but the instantaneous tensing really hurt my hernia, and for the rest of the ride that I was awake, I couldn't stop looking for deer. Also, I have a really funny-sounding scream. I've never actually instinctively screamed before, and I was slightly embarrassed. My ribs made the ride pretty uncomfortable, but I still love long car rides. I was glad when we finally got there. Karen pulled up right after we did because she was on her way to work and we passed on the road so she turned around to say hi. I think we took a nap after that, but I can't really remember.

We kept pretty busy, and although it was darn hard to breathe most of the time, I still wanted to climb all the mountains and see the trails. As you can see, I survived. We went to Garden of the Gods (just drove through) and Mueller State Park, and Manitou Springs where the nasty fizzy water and cool touristy shops are, and all over.

We had a blast and I will put pictures up in a day or two, but Paul's waiting to start the movie til I get done here.

OH! We got the house, we close on Dec. 8th, and I will write more about that later too.

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