Bun's new clothes
2006-11-12 - 1:42 p.m.

I figure Bun's going to have lots of cute clothes - cartoonish animals, comic book characters, generic sports-themes. He needs something a bit tougher once in a while. So I made this outfit:

The onesie (using Heat&Bond)

Elastic on the back of the pants

It's about a 3-6 month. I patterned off a pair of Old Navy pants I have. I found myself wishing I could try them on him to see if they'd fit. It's hard to make clothes for an unborn baby of unknown size.

In other news, last week I got a haircut. I don't like it much, but that's no surprise. I never like my hair. Paul likes it and others have said it's cute, so I'm happy.

Also, we will hopefully be putting an offer on a house tomorrow. More on that later. It'd be great to be in a house by Christmas.

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