So busy I didn't notice
2006-08-23 - 10:50 p.m.

I thought quitting my job would give me more time at home with Paul. It turns out I quit at the exact right time to be able to start at the daycare without even knowing the date I'd start being needed. I had one day off between jobs. I spent that doing errands I hadn't had time to do before then. The evenings are all scheduled up, too, at least for this week. Monday was water aerobics and then the fair, Tuesday I had two kids to babysit overnight, tonight was my class, tomorrow is water aerobics, and Friday Paul might be working overtime and going in early. Next week should be less hectic, with emphasis on the word "should." Our Saturday and Sunday are as yet unscheduled, though if Paul does work overtime on Friday, he will spend a significant portion of Saturday sleeping.

While all this is happening, suddenly I realize I'm definitely what you'd call "showing" now. My recent affinity for the size M t-shirts of my past sort of hides all that because I think early pregnancy bellies just look kind of dumpy. (Is she pregnant? Does she just like the fried foods? Who knows?) No longer does my midsection look like this:

Admittedly, I was sort of sucking it in there, but I can't even make it look like that anymore. For the record, I don't randomly take pictures of parts of me, I was showing off the stencils I did of the rats. Again, I will not be posting pictures of my belly. I will probably post pictures of the whole of me at some point, not for the purpose of you seeing my huge belly, but simply because you post pictures of yourself on blogs sometimes. Either way, don't hold your breath.

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