Rainy day
2006-09-04 - 10:54 p.m.

My belly button is huge. It looks like my stomach is yawning. It's bigger than Paul's belly button now. He laughs at me because he can fit his fingertip inside it. It's a whole lot easier to keep clean, though, and that's a plus.

We went camping with my extended family this weekend, and there were three babies there. I started to feel a little impatient because my cousins and my brother already have their babies, and I don't get to hold mine until February. It was neat to see all three together and see the differences in their personalities and looks and abilities.

My emotions are sort of running rampant lately. I'm really overwhelmed with this psychology class. Our midterm is Wednesday, over seven chapters, 207 pages' worth of material. There are over 40 people to know and like 60 terms and concepts to not only understand but also relate back to the person who originated them. My last quiz got me a 66%, and I am not used to doing so poorly. It's really stressful to be expected to learn 2-3 chapters with nothing but a five hour lecture. The rain really didn't help things at all. We had to take our leaking tent down today. In addition to the moat that had seeped in around the edges of the tent, we discovered that someone had left a flap open during the rainstorm, which had soaked the air mattress and bedding. On the side of the road between there and home was a small black and white cat, younger than our Robby, soaked and lying still after being hit by a car. That completely cemented my melancholy, and after we got home, set up the tent and air mattress in the basement to dry, and started to think about making dinner, I realized that I hadn't gotten any studying done since our group got together on Saturday. There was so much to do, and I started crying. I've had such a miserable day, and I couldn't help it. We ended up ordering pizza, and then I sent Paul away with a command to play his computer games (which he disobeyed and took a nap instead, but that's okay) and I studied for a solid two hours. Tomorrow night I plan to do the same thing, and Wednesday night it will all be over. Well, the first half of the class will be over.

A week from today we get to hear the baby's heartbeat again, and I'm so excited. Then in a month we'll get to see! We have to decide by then whether or not we want to know the sex. I have been feeling some little twitches that I am not sure if I should attribute to the baby, since so much change is going on in my abdominal area itself. I wish I could know for sure. I have been so anxious to feel movement. Maybe Turek will be able to tell me for sure on Monday.

Tomorrow is back to work, so I guess I better get some sleep. Sorry for not posting as many updates as I used to.

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