2007-01-16 - 2:49 p.m.

First NST appt today. I was pretty sure the paper said 10:30 but I couldn't find it so I called and was told 10. Good thing I called. Turns out that the test was 10 and the appt with Dr. T was 10:30 and they don't put the NST on the appointment sheet. Nobody told me that!

I got there, peed in a cup, got weighed, and then sat in a recliner while they strapped two monitors to me and turned this machine on which measured Bun's heart rate and any contractions I have. Then the nurse gave me a button to push every time I felt him move. They left us alone for about 20 minutes and we watched The Wiggles.
Then the nurse came back in and tore off the printout and left. They (nurse and Dr. T separately) said it looked good. There was one time where there was this loud whoosh and the heart monitor said 212 but I heard his heartbeat through the whole time and it didn't change, so I told the nurse that. I think he just yelled into the monitor or something. :) We were able to re-schedule the Thursday sessions to Fridays so Paul can sleep when he's supposed to during the week, and I got cleared to go to water aerobics as long as I don't do anything. AND I think the AFI (fluid index) ultrasound is a one-time thing, not weekly. So... good appointment today.

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