Fluid up
2007-01-18 - 2:43 p.m.

I was supposed to go in for the AFI at 1:30 but at 9:30 got a call that the tech had to be out of the office in the afternoon and could I come now? So I went and woke up Paul and we got there around 10:15. We pretty much got right in and the ultrasound was super fast but even I could tell there was a lot more black space than last time. The tech measured and said it was way better. I don't know what the numbers mean, but she said 7-8, and last time they were upset because they couldn't get a 4.

Then during the NST Bun suddenly got hiccups! It was so cute, they sounded like little explosions in the monitor. The nurse said they usually get more active when they have hiccups because they don't like it but he didn't move at all until they were done.

I was on the monitor for longer than before because Dr. T had gotten called out of the office. When he finally came in he said that my fluid looks really good and the NST was good, and whatever I'm doing (which is exactly nothing, and it's driving me crazy), it's working, and to keep doing it. My weight is down from Tuesday, but only a little. But I'm eating better, Paul's making sure of it.

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