Ultrasound today
2007-01-12 - 5:50 p.m.

So I guess Dr. T ordered this ultrasound because Bun was measuring small. The waiting room was awful. I couldn't get comfortable. I sat, slouched, laid down, got up and walked around, and no matter what I did, I could hardly breathe. Finally the nurse came and got me and we went back to the ultrasound room. If the waiting room was uncomfortable, being on the u/s table was torture. It's always worse on my back, and the nurse was still doing all her measuring checks, sifting through all this gray and black nothingness saying "there's his kidneys, oh there's his bladder." I had looked forward to this, to seeing him again and now I couldn't wait to get off the table. This was nothing like the clear, obvious pictures last time. My lips even started to tingle and I thought I was going to pass out.

Then suddenly, there on the screen was my baby's face and all discomfort disappeared. Do you know something? He is the most beautiful, perfect human being I've ever seen. His hands were pulled up toward his face, blocking most of the shot, but I saw him and he was amazing.

The nurse went on to measure his leg bones and we rediscovered that he is very much a boy. He's about 5 pounds and in the 40th percentile, so not measuring small at all.

Then she left to get the doctor to take a look, and I told her I couldn't breathe so she sat the table up a little and I felt better. Dr. T was doing surgery so I had Dr. B. They had called me to ask if that was okay and I said yes because if Bun comes outside of regular hours, I'll get whoever's on call and wouldn't mind meeting my other options.

When the doctor came in, she showed him around my uterus, and then stopped on this blob of dark black. He goes "oh, good, until you showed me that, I wasn't happy at all." It was a "pocket," a space that's just fluid. They measured that and weren't happy, moved around, measured again and weren't happy. Dr. B said I'm low on fluid, which is an indication of not a lot of blood flow to the baby, and Bun is conserving fluid to make up for it. He did say it was on "the low end of normal," which includes that wonderful word "normal."

Nonetheless, he told me semi-bedrest and NST's on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Why do professionals talk to you in acronyms? NST stands for non-stress test and pretty much means being hooked up to a monitor for a half hour. I wasn't really happy to hear that, first of all because as much as I like to nap, I can't spend more than an hour or two in bed unless it's actually bedtime. Second, a 30-minute drive each way for a 30-minute monitoring twice a week for something still in the normal range is kind of a pain, especially since it's during Paul's sleep time. We're hoping that we can at least switch the Thursdays to Fridays because he stays up unless he's doing overtime.

After the u/s, we did the weight and blood pressure thing. I knew that I had lost weight, I just felt it. The other day I leaned over to feed the cats and my engagement ring fell right off my finger. It was just a pound, though, and she didn't say anything.

Dr. T was back in the office by the time we left, and Dr. B was talking to him about the ultrasound and fluid stuff. He had called around the hospital to find him, and I thought Dr. B would want T to see me, but I guess not. I'll see him Tuesday I guess.

After lunch and depositing Paul's check and paying the rest of his ticket and changing our address at the DMV, we realized everything we had to do today was done and it was only 2:30. I thought of all the stuff I could get done with the rest of the day, and promptly fell asleep on the couch til 5:30.

It's taken about an hour and a half to write this entry because I still can't breathe. Paul's still asleep, I should go wake him up or he'll be up all night. I'm hunnnnngry!

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