baby registries
2007-01-13 - 9:08 p.m.

We registered at Target and Toys R Us a few weeks ago and tried to reg at Super Wal-Mart but the handheld thing was broken. Paul had to get fitted for a tux at the mall for Brad & Megan's wedding, so we went back to Wal-Mart today and did the registry. We also bought Bun some Superman pajamas with a cape, and a Spiderman outfit. I felt so much better today than yesterday, even after the 45-minute drive. No rib pain and no trouble breathing. It was wonderful. We walked around in the mall and looked at the awesome baby clothes at Hot Topic, but there's no way we're spending $18 on a Onesie he's going to outgrow in a month (besides, half that stuff I can make, no problem.)

I picked up a one-piece pajama marked "preemie - up to 5 pounds" and realized that's how big he is right now. I showed Paul and even held it up to my belly in the position he's in right now. How exciting.

The third baby in my due date club (February due dates message board) was born today! It's crazy how close we are. Of course I'm excited, but I'm also absolutely terrified. I take solace in the billions of women who have done this already and survived. Happily, even. After seeing his face yesterday, I can not wait to meet him. Knowing what exactly is pushing out those two spots on my belly is so much fun.

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