Why I won't miss working there
2006-08-01 - 1:33 p.m.

Hello friends and family!

I was kind of hoping Paul would write a little more often. I've been either working or exhausted (or both) the last few days. Today is one of those coveted days off, with nothing on the schedule all day, so I've been doing a little cleaning and working up the courage to go out and run errands in this awful heat. Work called and left a message, but after the way I was treated yesterday, I'm not in the mood to help them out at all.

Yesterday was one of the classic "this is what it's like to be pregnant" days. I worked 10:45-4, and at first I felt fine. I felt like I maybe should have eaten a little more before work but I had brought a nice snack for break and it was a short shift, so I thought I'd be fine.

About an hour in, I started feeling like I needed to throw up: stiff tongue, mouth watering, mini heaves, so I put on my light and a CSM came over. I said, "I think I'm going to throw up" and she goes "Well, GO!" I tried to hand her the money that the customer had just given me, but she wouldn't take it. She made me finish the transaction before she would take over my register.

Once in the bathroom, though, the feeling went away. I splashed water on my face and on my neck and wrists, and hung out for a minute to make sure I was okay.

When I got back out to my register, the CSM didn't even ask if I was okay or anything. She left my register without a word other than telling me where the charge slips were.

It was maybe half an hour before the feelings came back, stronger this time. I tried to wait and to think it away, but suddenly I realized it was going to happen: either safely in the bathroom or here at the register, in front of my customers (it's happened twice before, and that's no fun at all). I said as politely as I could to the next customer, "I need to leave for a second. I'm VERY sorry." Then I asked my bagger (S) to find a CSM and I took off.

While I was finishing up, I heard the door open, and a different CSM's voice:
"Are you okay?"
*sputter sputter spit* "Not really..."
"Is this morning sickness?"
"Well, she's keeping up on your customers."
*door closes*

Such compassion and understanding. I left the stall, washed my face and hands, got a drink, and went back to my register, where CSM #1 was just coming over to ask where I was. S was on the register, and told her I was sick. She looked at me and didn't say a word, just walked away. I waited for S to finish the order she was on, and we joked about how caring and thoughtful the CSM's are. When she was done, I got back on and finished the first half of my shift lightheaded with an empty stomach and shaking hands.

Nobody ever asked if I was feeling okay, or if I wanted to stay or go home (even though it was so dead there yesterday they were making up jobs for us to do). Certainly morning sickness is normal, but it isn't fun, and they were acting like I was going to the bathroom to have a party or something.

In all fairness to every CSM who is not one of those two, everyone else I've ever dealt with in situations like that (with maybe one exception) has been wonderful. Nevertheless, only 18 more days...

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