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2007-02-06 - 4:30 p.m.

Friday's ultrasound went really well, the nurse was like "and WHY are we monitoring this?" She did a biophysical profile, in which he scored 8/8. Everything's looking great. Dr. T says that all that's left is for me to go into labor.

It may make some of you happy to know that I finally have belly stretch marks. I knew it would happen because every time someone would ask me about a milestone that hadn't happened yet, a few days later there it was. "Have you thrown up yet?" Two days later... bleh. "Has he gotten hiccups yet?" Two days later... hic! At Audree's birthday party I was discussing my lack of stretch marks with my cousin and aunt, and now, here they are. Now I need people to call and ask if I've gone into labor yet.

We skipped the NST today because of the snow. I have been telling Bun it's about time and doesn't he think he should come out now but when we were on the road and decided to turn around and forget the appointment because we couldn't see the road or the cars in front of us, I told him he better wait until after the snow is done.

Last night we did a little baby shopping and bought some warm clothes and blankets since the showers aren't til after he's born and he really didn't have a lot of warm stuff to wear. We bought three long-sleeve one-pieces, a pair of 0-3 month pants (for a pattern so I can make more), a pack of blank long-sleeve Onesies, a 3-piece outfit that's not real cute but super warm (and cheap!), some teeny tiny socks (they crack me up because they have the "dirt hider" heel and toes like he'll really need that), two new crib sheets, and some receiving blankets. I also bought a brand new bag for the hospital because I don't have anything (other than a suitcase) bigger than my school bag and I tend to overpack. I wanted something I could use for a swim bag afterward. I picked out one I liked and looked at the tag. It was $20, which seemed a bit much but at the checkout it rang up on sale for $10 yay!

I spent like half an hour putting everything away in Bun's closet. Sometimes I just open the closet and look at all his stuff. It makes me happy. And impatient. VERY impatient.

I pretty much took myself off the bedrest since everything's perfect and there's no risk of premature labor or anything, and it felt SO GOOD to clean the snow and ice off my own car today. I'm not going to run any marathons or lift much (hernia) but I'm tired of my house looking like a bedrester and a third shifter live there.

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