The toothbrush strikes again
2006-08-07 - 10:56 a.m.

I'm sitting here with an empty stomach wondering if it's safe to eat again and if my prenatal vitamin was in that last batch of heaves, and resolving never to eat fruit snacks in the morning ever again because it looks like confetti when it comes up. UGH. Does anyone know how to brush your teeth without brushing your teeth?

I know I need to make a dentist appointment because I have at least one cavity. I had one on my last checkup about two years ago but they couldn't fit me in to fill it before I got married and my insurance was up, and lately it's been bugging me. I'm worried 1) about the money, and 2) that I'm going to puke on the dentist.

I have to work today but not until 2, and then ony about four hours. Tomorrow is another later four-hour shift so I'm not worried about getting sick, but Wednesday I start at 10:15 and that's never good.

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