a cat complaint
2006-10-13 - 2:18 p.m.

Tiger has been so kind lately as to help me understand what it will be like having a newborn in the house, though I think he's overdoing it a little. Last night he woke me up at about half past every hour, either chewing on nothing right next to my ear, vomiting in the hallway, coughing, or falling off the headboard. On the plus side, he and Rob haven't been fighting nearly as much during the night. Rob likes to sleep on my pillow with me, but he's really quite courteous about it. Tiger has gotten the idea in his head that he needs to sleep there too, but there's not really room. So he tries to sleep on my face, or my neck, or he just sits because there's not room to lie down, and then he chews. He chews on NOTHING, and it makes one of the most obnoxious sounds ever. When I try to move him from my pillow, he looks at me like he's got every right to be there, and suddenly weighs fifty pounds. He may end up sleeping in the basement, because sleep will be a precious commodity once Bun comes.

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