2007-02-07 - 1:29 p.m.

So we're being screwed over by the gas company - we owe them over $200 for "cancellation fees" for a program that we apparently signed up for saying "give us more info." They said they'd send a packet and we had 30 days from the phone call to cancel. We figured we'd get the packet, read it over and probably cancel then. Well the packet never came and we got busy with baby stuff and appointments, and never canceled. Then we moved, and I guess that automatically cancels the program since it's based on past usage at the apartment and doesn't transfer. Nobody told us that - I'm sure it's in the packet that they DIDN'T SEND US. But they have "no way of knowing" that we didn't get the packet, so we're just screwed.

Paul has been working loads of overtime and while it was really hard for both of us, I kept telling myself "it will be worth it when his check comes and we can afford this baby easier." Well, now a bunch of his overtime money is going into the greedy overstuffed pockets of the gas company and we're just as poor as we were.

On top of that, I swear this baby is never going to come out.

This morning Paul asked "have you changed his first diaper yet?" thinking of the few-day phenomenon. I think it doesn't work if you are trying, though.

I made some cute pants for Bun last night with light blue fleece and a sheep/ram applique. This pair is grandmother-approved.

I love them.

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