Update before bed
2006-08-13 - 11:55 p.m.

Paul practicing some more, this time with the cat.

My first of "that kind" of appointment is tomorrow. I'll finally meet this doctor.

I only have three days of work left, which is exciting but really sad because if it weren't for some of the customers and a few of the CSM's, it'd be a really great place to work. I like the people I work with a lot, and I'll miss them. What I won't miss is the days they make me work until 11, after Paul's gone in to his job, like tonight.

In my time between the store and the daycare, I plan on getting a lot of stuff made to sell in my etsy shop - stenciled t-shirts, handmade purses, wallets, that kind of stuff. Once I get stuff in there, I'll make a link to it.

Haven't been throwing up lately. I'm about 11 weeks along, so hopefully I'm over that now. Some people tell me they were sick the whole nine months!

I'm off to bed. Paul moved tv's around yesterday (and I didn't have to help because I'm pregnant!) so now the tv in the bedroom doesn't go all white and line-y or turn off randomly and it gets actual tv channels relatively clearly!

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