Meet Dr. Turek
2006-08-14 - 5:18 p.m.

Paul's side
Today we went to the Doctor. It was a long wait with loud children in the waiting room. I think that they hire people with kids to come in and let their kids run wild so that all the pregnant couples will get an idea of what's coming.

After they got us in they weighed Danielle and took her blood pressure and she had to pee on things. Then they put us in a room with stirrups connected to a bed. The nurse asked us a bunch of questions (most of which we answered during the first visit) and got everything ready for the doctor.

Then the doctor came in. Dr. Turek (from here on out known as: Turek) is a lighthearted very good doctor who makes you comfortable with another man having his hands near your wife's.... Well anyway. He proceeded to ask us a few questions that were the same questions the nurse asked us. (Medical people should be made into a hive mind like the Borg from Star Trek. Then when we tell one of them something, they all know it.)

After that Turek sat Danielle on the table and put goo all over this one device and slapped it on Danielle around the pubic bone area. This little white box connected to the device started emitting a quick pulse. He then moved the device over and it emitted a slow more drawn out pulse. This is when he said "and that is your heart beat."

Turek said that never gets old, and it's only one inch long. He then did something else to Danielle and I will say it in two words so as to skip details. Pap smear.

We finished up the appointment and he said to make two more appointments. One will be in memorial of 9/11 and the other will be on 10/06. The second is the one we have to drive to the main clinic for. It's an ultrasound.

Danielle's side
I know Paul already told you about it, but I have to talk about it too. I got to hear the heartbeat of the tiny life that's growing inside me. I wish I could have recorded it to share with all of you, but you can probably imagine it just as well. It sounded like this: Woosh-shub-shub-shub-shub-shub et cetera with 163 shubs per minute. It was the most amazing thing in the world. I don't care that millions of women go through the same thing and get to hear their own babies' heart beating for the first time, THIS was something special. This was our child. It was the instant it all became real. I smiled all through work (rare for me lately), and even now, every time I think about it, I can't help but smile and get all teary.

I'm twelve weeks along now. The time is going so fast! Aside from being anxious to get over the sick and tired thing, I want time to slow down. I am loving this, and I'm glad I have this diary to keep track and to share all this with everyone.

Like Paul said, the next appointment is 4 weeks from now. That's the next time I'll be able to hear that wonderful, beautiful sound again. I can't wait.

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