2006-07-23 - 6:14 p.m.

This whole thing was Paul's idea, so I told him he had to write too. He's working on the layout and stuff. We borrowed the template from a defunct free template site and he's making changes.

I have my first doctor appointment on Wednesday. I'm writing today because one month ago is when I took the home test.

I have been nauseous a lot lately, but have only thrown up once, when I was brushing my teeth. I try all these things people suggest to stop from feeling sick, but I think the best thing is crackers (I'M SO SICK OF CRACKERS) and baby rice cereal.

I'm leaving the grocery store sometime in August. I've had a few episodes where I get all pass-y out-y and have to sit down and eat or drink or just concentrate on not passing out, and it only happens at work. Also, smells really bother me sometimes. Like the other day when it was ninety degrees outside and someone bought salmon and ocean perch and left them in the bag in their cart. When the smell finally alerted a customer, who told the cart guy, they must have been out there for several hours, because the bag was in the farthest up cart in the farthest away cart corral. Normally, when someone leaves something in a cart, we bring it inside to register it at the service desk as "paid for and left." So Cart Guy (to protect Wayne's identity, I'll call him Cart Guy) brought the bag inside to the service desk. On the way, some juices leaked onto the floor, and even though they were cleaned up right away, the smell of decaying fish permeated the front end for hours. Customers were complaining, and all I could say was "at least you get to leave now." So I won't be missing the store all that much.

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