Just another food rant
2006-07-25 - 11:58 p.m.

Didn't see Paul much today either. Class ran late and I didn't get home til after he left for work.

We have our first appointment tomorrow! I'm so excited, and also nervous. I've never met this doctor, and I've never had a guy gyno.

Today I was tired like yesterday, but like yesterday, NOW I can't sleep, when I really should. Everyone says "how are you feeling?" and I say "tired" and they say "take your vitamins!" like that solves everything. I take prenatal vitamins, I've been taking them pretty much since we found out.

I'm trying to eat enough but it seems to take so much energy to find something that won't make me barf and then eat it that by the time I eat what I feel is enough for breakfast, it's time for lunch. And nothing ever sounds good. The only foods that I'm mildly interested in are cheeseburgers from McDonald's and nachos from Taco Bell. Not exactly health food. I've been eating more of my baby rice cereal, but textures like that hit my gag reflex just right lately and it's like I'm playing dinner roullette. Do I eat this stuff that's good for me and maybe puke it back up or go for the happy meal and all the fat and nasties that come with it?

I think I need to be fed intravenously because I'm beginning to hate all food and the effort it takes to chew and swallow.

OOH! I gave my notice at work today. I'm sort of sad because I like all the people there, but I'm ready to be out of there because I really don't think that's the job for me. My last day is August 18. Come in and say hi to me before then.

We're going to try to get a tagboard up so you can all easily leave us messages. Until then, drop us a note (click where it says "notes" - I don't think you have to be a member), we'd like to know who all is reading. Also, pass this along to friends or family you think might be interested. And if you have questions, ask and I'll throw them on the FAQ even if they aren't asked very frequently.

Love you all.

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