Baby's first ER visit.
2006-09-21 - 6:57 a.m.

So we went to the Emergency Room last night.

The pain in Danielle's Belly Button got so bad that she almost passed out. I hate our city so I drove her to the ER in the town 30 miles away since we're having the baby through that clinic anyway. I'm getting a little ahead of myself though. This is story time and no story is good when you start from the middle.

Wednesday night Danielle came home from her class and I was on the computer. She came in crying and said her belly button hurt. She said it hurt so bad that she almost passed out in class. I didn't know what to do so I asked her if she wanted to go to the ER. I figured she would know if it was important. I've been told that pregnant mothers know when something is actually wrong, like this. So Danielle called her mom and I called the baby people at the clinic. The baby people said that we should definitely go to an ER that night whether it is in our town or theirs.

We live right near the local ER. I would have gone there but they aren't any good. I only trust them with bad flesh wounds and minor things like flushing out eyes after I get stripper in them at work. I wasn't about the trust them with the life of my unborn child.

So we went and picked up Melanie (Danielle's mom) who will be henceforth known as MIL (Mother In Law) and went to the ER in the other town.

You would imagine that I drove 75 or 80 mph on the way there but I only achieved 75 once when I was passing the semi that was driving erratically in front of me. They guy needed to learn how to manage his speed. This just so happened to be the time that a pig was on the side of the road. Naturally the pig came after me and oinked me out a ticket for going so fast. I told him we were going to the ER and he was all like "I can call you an ambulance, I can't have you speeding."

In my own little fairy land I do things that I want when I have things like this happed. At this point, in that fairyland, I told the pig to "oink off" and floored it causing the car to spit gravel at the little piggy as I sped away. My fairyland is much more fun than real life.

He was as nice as a flaming bag of dog vomit can be in that situation and gave me the ticket and let me go. The funny thing is he was sitting on the border of the county. He pulled me over in the next county over. I'm going to contest the ticket. It should be fun as well as give me experience in pigpens. (If anyone has any experience with the whole jurisdiction thing and can give me insight, use the contact link on here and let me know if I have a case. He didn't turn on his cherries till I was over the border.UPDATE: It's called "Hot pursuit". He can chase me into other countys/states as long as he witnessed me breaking the law in his.)

We got on our way after this, and got to the ER. It was quiet and not as secure as the local one, but the people where nicer. I registered Danielle while a nurse put Danielle in a room. (This wouldn't have happened in our town. They treat you like second class citizens just because you may be a lesser person than them. When I got floor stripper in my eye at work a few years ago they put me in a special waiting room so I could wait for my eyesight to erode away.) We waited for a bit and a nurse came in. She took Danielle's temperature and asked a bunch of questions and then listened for the babyís heart beat. Everything was normal and awesome, except for the pain.

An hour and a half after the nurse left and the doctor came in. He was nice, but a little creepy. He listened to the baby also and talked to Danielle a bit. Then he felt up her stomach around her belly button and asked it if hurt her at all. He diagnosed an Umbilical Hernia. MIL said that she had that when she was a baby and that the doctors (THE LOCAL DOCTORS) said it would be fine.

So we went home and went to sleep. It is Thursday morning now and we are waiting to get a hold of the surgical department at the clinic so we can see a surgeon today. I hope she doesn't need surgery while pregnant. That would suck. It would also probably eat up my vacation days and I wouldn't be able to make our Colorado trip this thanksgiving.

Prayers please. I'll update you on the surgeon either after it's over or tomorrow.

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