It's a...
2006-10-09 - 8:49 a.m.


After waiting for what seemed like forever, the ultrasound day finally arrived. I woke up at 7 to pee and drink a lot of water like the instructions said, took a shower and waited for Paul to get home. We picked Mary up and drove through McDonalds on our way up. It seemed like we waited a long time, but it was probably just because I needed to go. Finally this guy came and got us and took us right to the ultrasound room. I got to recline on this table that looked like I might slide right off, and the guy had me lift up my shirt and show off my belly. He stuck our tape in the machine and spurted some goo on my belly. Then he used this wand thing that looked kind of like a rounded arrow to push on my full bladder and instantly this black and white blob showed up on the screen above us. That was the first image I saw of Bun. The tech looked around for all Bun's vital bits, and even though he showed us, the only thing I really recognized was his heart because it was pumping. He turned the sound on and we listened to his heartbeat. It sounded different than with the doppler, more like a record with nothing but drumbeats being played backward. After he found everything he was looking for, he took a few pictures of Bun in various poses.

Then he asked if we wanted "to know." Paul, the big jerk, left it up to me. I knew that he reeeeally wanted to know what we're having, and while I wanted a surprise, I knew that he would feel better knowing. But now I can't complain about not wanting to find out, because it was ultimately my decision. Like I had any choice. But anyway, here he is.

And we're both pretty happy. That night, Mom and Scott and Mary and I went shopping for baby clothes. Mom bought several Spiderman-related outfits, much to Paul's delight when I took them home to show him later. I'm going to have a little comic book nerd.

My dad put the video onto a dvd for us, and I'm hoping Paul can get it on youtube sometime soon.

I will leave you with my very favorite picture from the ultrasound:

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