Where's my belly?
2006-09-19 - 6:19 p.m.

Sorry it's been so long since the last entry. I've been tired and sick and busy. I don't know what's Paul's excuse.

As I sit here typing, I've got acrobatics going on in my uterus. Paul felt the baby move for the first time 9/15, it was so exciting to see his face.

Since the last entry, we had our third appointment and our second time hearing Bun's heartbeat. It was just as magical as the first time. I wish I could steal that little device and the bottle of freezing cold goo that he uses. I also had the maternal serum screening (Quad Screen). Turek said if it's normal, it automatically generates a letter to be sent to us, and if not, it generates an e-mail to a nurse somewhere that she needs to call us. Our letter came yesterday to inform us that "there is very low likelihood for your baby to [sic]Down's Syndrome, Trisomy 18, or Open Neural Tube Defect (Spina Bifida)." It also says, "This letter is to inform you of your diagnostic test results... blah blah blah normal... Please note that the Quad Screen is not a diagnostic test..." Anyway, all seems well.

People keep asking "when are you going to start showing?" I am showing, but only barely. I look more like I had a big supper. On Sunday I wore a shirt that made me look pregnant before I was pregnant because I'm tired of not looking Actually Pregnant. I wanted to show off a little at church. I feel huge, though, and out of breath a lot.

I am getting over a cold or something, thankfully it didn't last long. I had a mild sore throat for a few days, and now I have this dry cough at night. I didn't eat a whole lot aside from soup and Popsicles so I lost a little weight but I think I'm gaining that back now that I feel better.

My one complaint is that sometimes my belly button hurts like it's being stabbed with a pencil. The other day I woke up and could hardly move, it hurt so bad. I had an umbilical hernia when I was a baby (ask my mom for pictures of me crying - it swelled up like a balloon!), and Mom thinks it might be related to that. I'm going to ask Turek at the next appointment, unless it happens again, then I'll call him.

Speaking of the next appointment, that's the ultrasound! I think we'll probably find out the sex. I didn't really want to know at first, but Paul really does. I am just hoping for Bun to be stubborn and cross those legs or something.

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