feeling a little better
2006-09-29 - 12:42 a.m.

Since the last entry, I am feeling mildly better. I have to basically sleep sitting up because if I lie flat, I wake myself up coughing.

We had a blast on our anniversary trip, despite me being sick and herniated. I had very little pain during the trip, and did a lot of Taking it Easy. Well, as easy as a nice leisurely ride on a speeding innertube down a twisting waterslide can be. And I know everyone says don't go in the hot tub, but the ones at the water park were so not hot. They were more like bathwater after it sits ½hour. I didn't stay in long, either.

After Mom&Dad went home, the four of us "kids" visited this neat little zoo and got to feed and pet a giraffe and a bunch of baby animals, and also watch turtles having sex. Afterward, we went to Denny's and then headed home. Seriously like three different people tried to kill us. One guy pulled out like 100 feet in front of us on a highway. It was super scary.

Luckily, we made it home okay, because Paul had to get to work that night. He had already taken two days off before the trip because of me. I think it was during work that he discovered the accidental anniversary gift I had given him: a raging cold. He ended up taking the next night off also. I felt bad for him, but not too much because he gets awful grouchy when he's sick. He seems to be doing a lot better now, but both of us still cough a lot. I wish it would just go away.

I think my belly is getting bigger. It's hard to tell when you see it every day. It's also covered in werewolf fur, which is unsettling and embarrassing.

A lot of the stress of class is going away. I ended up e-mailing the teacher to apologize for not paying attention last week and to tell her why I did bad on my presentation, and she said not to worry about it. Quiz 3 got me 100% (I set the curve) and Quiz 4 was open book/notes, and I missed one question because I knew the answer was D-All of the above, but instead of writing D in the blank, I guess I wrote A for All because I wasn't really thinking. Oh well, still an A. The final is next week, and she said it would be open notes and a little easier than the midterm, which I got 95% on. I feel like she's sort of babying us, like she realized we couldn't handle the class like grown-ups. It makes me sort of ashamed of my grades, like I shouldn't be proud of them because she didn't make me work hard enough for them. I'm still doing better than the rest of the class, so I guess that's something.

Our ultrasound is one week from today (since it's after midnight) and I'm crazy excited. I still want a surprise baby, but it will be nice to know what to get ready for. I have a few outfits already, and they are obviously boyish, but they're stuff like turtles and fish, stuff I would wear. So girl or boy, Bun's gonna wear them. Possibly with a pretty headband or a handbag so the general public doesn't run me out of town for cross-dressing my baby.

Bun seems to be playing a game with Paul. Every time I feel movement, I'm like "Paul! Come feel!" and I put his hand in the exact spot mine was, and suddenly the kid decides to take a nap. He's only been able to feel like twice. It's the best part of my day, and I feel like he's missing out on something.

It doesn't get him down, though. He's all excited about getting our new car next week. He'll probably tell you all about it. I'll just say that it's EXACTLY the car I wanted. It's a 2006 Malibu Maxx in dark blue with just under 20,000 miles on it. We've seen the trouble my brother has with his Monte Carlo and the car seat, plus our Monte is wearing out various parts faster than we can replace them. The driver's side window won't always go back up after you open it, the cruise hasn't worked pretty much since a month after I got it, the brake lights won't come on unless you pull the turn signal lever toward you a bit while you're braking, and just recently the engine started wiggling.

Off to bed, I guess. Work tomorrow. TGIF!

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