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2006-07-23 - 7:05 p.m.

I thought I'd add some answers to questions I get a lot, because apparently, people are interested in my morning sickness and stuff.

Were you trying?
Well, we weren't trying not to. We were a little surprised that it happened so soon, though.

When are you due?
Feb 22, according to the little paper calculater the nurse used, and confirmed by the ultrasound. I have a lot of family members with birthdays around then, so somebody might have to share...

Do you want a boy or a girl?
We both want a boy. Lots of boys. I don't understand girls, even though I am one. We are having a boy this time.

Do you want to find out the sex?
I didn't, Paul did. It's a boy.

Do you have names picked out?
We have one name. We can't come up with any more.

Will you be posting belly shots?

Do you have any weird cravings?
Onion rings, onion rings, onion rings.

What about foods/smells you can't stand?
Complicated foods really bother me, like if they have a lot of ingredients and flavors, I avoid them. Also, food stuffed inside other food. Ew. Like Hot Pockets make me want to barf. As far as smells, really just that one time with the fish. Oh, and the locker room at the YMCA smells like a nursing home to me lately, and that makes me sick.

You're so skinny! You're going to look like a stick with a basketball stuck to it!/You're going to be one of those girls who doesn't show til the ninth month!/Are you EVER going to start showing?

How are you feeling?
My ribs hurt almost constantly, I can't ever breathe, I can't get comfortable and it's hard to sleep, and my hernia hurts more each week. Other than that I'm doing great and loving pregnancy.

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