4 month well-check
2007-06-18 - 2:01 p.m.

We just got back from K's four-month wellness check. He's huge! 17 pounds, 12 ounces. He's 25.75" tall and his head circumference is 42.9 cm. As for percentile, he's at 94% for weight, 81 for length, and 70 for head size. My big healthy boy!

He is such a flirt. The nurse was typing in his information at the computer and Kalten yelled at her - not fussy, just noisy. She looked over and started talking to him and he smiled. Then she turned back and he yelled again to get her attention. Stinker.

He's starting to sit with support and sometimes without. He's not really rolling much but that could be because he's hardly down on the floor :/ but he does entertain himself for a while if he's in the right mood.

I'm pretty sure there's a tooth coming in, too! Grandma M tapped it with a baby spoon and it didn't clink yet, but there's a white bump on his gums that he won't let you see unless he's screaming.

Tomorrow Kalten will be four months old. It's amazing how fast he's grown.

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